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Connecting with Our Imagination

Preschool • Ages 3 to 5

August 8 to 11 (four mornings)

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

$232 + GST

Many will tell you that imagination is key in negotiating new possibilities outside the lines. We stand alongside them in this belief and it is never too early to plant the seeds of imagination! 


During this camp, we’ll spend four mornings exploring seminal works by authors from Jon Agee to Nancy Willard, Cybele Young to Sarah L. Thomson, all the while encouraging your preschool to believe that the sky truly is the limit.  Each day students will have an art provocation that requires they use their imagination to create something spectacular. Some days it will be more art-focused and others it will be based around the magic of science. 


We’ll use Young’s Ten Birds as our first inspiration, giving children a number of materials in a box and asking them to build the strongest bridge they can muster. Moving on to Marie-Louise Gay’s Any Question?, we’ll do a collaborative project with each person adding their own ideas into a collective whole. One idea begets another idea and before you know it, the end result is something totally different, but equally mind blowing.


On the last day we’ll use our fully exercised imaginations to create a final art piece.

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