Bees, Bees, Bees

AGES: 5 TO 12

Bees, Bees, Bees


1:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

They are the backbone of our ecosystem: smart, savvy and integral to the complex ecosystems of our natural world. During this camp we’ll immerse ourselves in their world, learning everything there is to know about these industrious insects. After examining their body parts, habits and responsibilities, campers will be tasked with making their own bee mobiles with one key difference from our flying friends. These bees will glow in the dark, lighting the way for good dreams and warding off the bad ones. Using clay, children will be able to sculpt three dimensional hives adorned with bees to house beeswax candles that they will roll themselves. 

At the end of the week, the group will have the opportunity to visit Christianne’s very own beehive where we’ll closely examine the comings and goings in the hives, taste some fresh honey and listen to bee master Ian Hayward wax on about his true love: bees.

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