Beading to Story

AGES: 10+
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Beading to Story

JULY 19 TO 23

6:00 PM TO 9:00 PM

There are no restrictions when it comes to beading at the Lyceum. Whether your heart’s desire is to make your mom the earrings she’s had her eye, an amulet with a secret inside, or matching bracelets for yourself and the friend you haven’t seen since pandemic life began, our store is your supply. As a group, we’ll begin the week by workshopping ideas and generating designs, before moving on to mindfully select our materials. 

The delicate art of beading is worth being revived -- you’ll have the knowledge and know-how to never have to buy another gift again. You’ll be at the top of everyone’s Christmas card list and have people lining up around the block for ‘mailable mindings’ to send all over the world. 

We’ll choose a novel to listen to by audiobook as we bead, discussing the best threading techniques, colour combinations and clasps. Christianne’s beading knowledge spans several decades and she loves to share.