Authors & Illustrators Every Preschooler Should Know

AGES: 3 TO 5

Authors & Illustrators Every Preschooler Should Know


9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

Another staple in the Lyceum’s summer schedule, this camp will arm your preschooler with stories from the most influential children’s authors and illustrators. We’ll cover everyone from Oliver Jeffers to Mo Willems, with Christianne highlighting their different styles and artistic sensibilities. Campers will get to decide which style resonates with them, before putting their minds to creations of their own with the entire Lyceum back catalogue of material at their disposal. Whether your child identifies with the stick-legged creatures of Oliver Jeffers or the collage images of Eric Carle, they will feed a love of story (both text and image).

Exposing your child to timeless classics and introducing new names into their canon is an investment now that will magnify rewards in the years to come.

The books...


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