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Art Gallery in Miniature

Elementary • Ages 8 to 12

July 3 to 7 (five afternoons) 

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$300 + GST

The opportunity to curate your own works of art is a privilege often reserved for those with access to a gallery (and the right connections). Art in miniature is inherently impressive by virtue of the precision and patience demanded by its very creation and the invitation to the viewer to reimagine the world of a different scale. We wanted to use this week in summer to create a display case of art pieces in miniature.


These cases will serve as a window into the artists’ minds allowing viewers to enjoy tiny artworks that have been honed throughout the camp. There’ll be miniscule canvases and sculptures of clay or felted wool, as students are encouraged to explore the spectrum of art mediums. In accompaniment, Christianne will read inspirational stories about some of the world’s most recognized creatives. We’ll focus on how they found their muses, before moving on to search for our own that will act as inspiration for each portable gallery. This workshop provides the perfect environment in which to explore all parts of the spectrum using the vast array of materials available to each student. Supporting the notion of ‘free creation’ is truly priceless, so make sure your child doesn’t miss this special opportunity.

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