About Us

Our Philosophy

As a result of globalization and educational research, the “image of a child” has changed from that of an empty vessel or thirsty sponge to that of a “competent and unique individual” bringing her own strengths and learning competencies to the table. This in turn has brought about a shift from theories of learning that support the top-down transfer of select information to theories that support the co-construction of knowledge in the classroom and beyond. We believe literature is the best conduit with which to construct such knowledge.

This shift is reflected in the philosophical base of all programs offered at the Lyceum.
At the Lyceum we choose to concentrate on the perceptual dimension of learning in an effort to challenge binary thinking and encourage exploration of “possibilities.” Nurturing a lens through which to view personal, local, and global interactions helps children develop guiding principles when approaching problematic situations inherent in a diverse society.
Red and blue dots
Distinct strokes of colour
I stand back
The lilac petal of a delicate flower
I stand back
A flower among many a dotting a meadow
I stand back
An image so fresh I can feel the dew
I stand back
A painting among many in a show
I stand back
Dwellings in a life story
I stand back…

Our Vision

Together we will explore the potential of literature and art to catalyze individual imagination, familial growth and community change.

The Lyceum is a place where literature is transformed into experience and experience is transformed into literature through passionate discourse. In the spirit of the French salons of learning, the Lyceum brings together writers, illustrators, educators and families to share diverse streams of thought through the medium of story – oral, written and visual.
“A love of literature is caught, rather than taught.”

It is easiest to spread literary contagion through books that arouse emotion around challenging social issues. A student who feels an emotional connection to a subject is in the zone of proximal development, ready to become a passionate learner/researcher.

The Learning Environment

The Lyceum’s unique and specialized learning environment is designed to bring out the best in all program participants. Support for individual paths to knowledge and understanding is balanced with a respect for others and an appreciation for the social context of learning.

  • Qualified, inspiring and enthusiastic staff who bring their love of literature to every Lyceum program.
  • Exceptional private library dedicated to literature for children, young adults and adults.
  • Access to a wide range of resources including rare and out-of-print publications, specialized bibliographies and comprehensive handouts, as well as select program materials available for purchase.
  • High-quality art materials provided for all project work.
  • Uniquely flexible environment incorporates sunlit mezzanine, hideaway carrels and open spaces to permit individually-tailored programming and consultation opportunities.
  • Large windows and high ceilings create a bright, airy space filled with natural light.
  • On-line resources accessible to program participants.

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